The American Pipe

Grecian Plateaux briar, personally selected, is used in all American pipes. The briar has been carefully aged for years after its initial curing in a carefully controlled environment. In selecting briar for the produced pipes only the finest blocks giving a high yield of straight grains are ever used. All pipes are stamped with a code, the first numbers identifying the date and the following letters containing the initials of the pipe maker.

All American pipes employ a black Lucite stem custom made for us in Italy. The bites and lips of these stems have been filed, sanded, and polished to perfection to insure a long and comfortable relationship between the pipe and its owner. In each stem is embedded the American logo, a silver star on a black background surrounded by a briar ring.

All pipes are unique as they are made and finished by hand. Pipes come finished in four ways: natural, a carnuba wax shine is all that's between it and the briar underneath. A two tone stain in light red and walnut which are designed to bring out the beauty of the pipe grain. These pipes contain no putty or varnish but are polished to a high gloss finish with carnuba wax. Also available is the sandblast finish for pipes that may have a cosmetic blemish though still remain excellent smoking pipes.

As you are always dealing direct with the pipe maker you can count on quick personal service. From individual custom orders to large multi-numbered sets, or recreating special shapes of a by gone era- American can do it all for you.

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