Purchasing Briar

Briar is sold in two grades, Plateaux and ebauchon. Plateaux briar is generally the best cut of the burl. It includes the top section which has the best graining. It has a rough stubbly top, commonly seen on free hand. pipes. It is irregular in shape and size, and for this reason is sold by weight. Ebauchon is traditionally used for machine made pipes. It comes in a couple of different grades. I only carry the Extra, which is the best grade. Ebauchon is avalable in different sizes, detailed below.


Aproximate sketches of Ebauchon blockks and their dimensions:

R-2 1/2 Primarliy used for bent pipes
Dimensions :(approximate) H= 3" L= 3 1/2 W=1 13/16"


MFF 2-3 An average size block, suitable for straights and 1/4 bents.
Dimensions :(approximate) H= 2 1/2" L= 4 1/2" W= 2"


MF 4-5 Best used for Canadians
Dimensions :(approximate) H=2 1/2" L= 5" W=1 3/4"




Plateaux $1.75 per ounce.
Minimum size block is 6 0z. They can range in size to 26 oz. The average size for an average pipe would be 8-10 0z. Dimensions vary but all would be at minimum 2" in width and generally larger than the MFF 2-3 block.

MF 4-5 $9.75

MF 4-5 $8.50

MFF 2-3 $6.50

R 2 1/2 $7.50


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