Geyser Fishing

This story started out innocently enough when I made a post to the Rec.Outdoors.Flyfishing newsgroup. I watch the level and temperature gages of the rivers and streams in our area; looking for the best places to fish. The rest follows:


Orig post

It s about to happend ! I been following the gage to the only

known Geyser fish spawning run:

Tantalus Creek at Norris Junction, YNP

The stream temp is rising --- 24.9 C or about 78 F as the flow is

going up which allows these rare fish to enter the tributary and spawn.

Probably your best opportunity to catch one. Warren and will be

heading down there in the next few days for sure. If anyone wants

to fly out and join in get in touch with Warren.




Some doubter responds:

Didn't the fishing season in Yellowstone end yesterday? (November 7th)?



I posted:

Fishing for Geyser fish is strcitly illegal at any time ! SO the

season closing makes little difference to Geyser fish enthusiasts.


He still doubts me:

Guess I was a little confused when you said "your best opportunity to

catch one." statement. :)


I responded:

The reason fishing for them is illegal is the rarity of the fish and

the 100% fatality rate of all fish caught. They can only surive in the

extreme temperatures of the super heated water of a geyser. If you

are lucky enough to catch one removing them from their natural

enviorment is always fatal to the fish as they can not stand air

temperatures. But it is certainly worth it !

The fish themselves are totally transparent, the only thing

visible is their circulatory system flowing with brite green blood , I

guess this functions as some sort of reverse anti-freeze and their

bones have a slightly bluish tint to them.


The best place to catch one ( other than the spawning run) is in Old

Faithful as you at least no when that geyser will errupt. Most of

the fishing is done surreptitiously , at night , so as not to get

busted by unsympathetic park rangers. Catching one on a fly , they

eat steamed insects that get caught in the geysers torrent,; its a gas, as

these fish will jump almost tens of feet in the air bouyed by the

currents of the errupting geyser. It is possible to nymph for

these fish also but you have to use tin split shot ( lead melts)

or sink tip lines in order to get down deep enough. But most geyser

fish enthusiasts consider this unethical and no where near as fun as

catching one on the fly.



Another cynic responds ( And I ve met this guy a few times)

You're being ironic, right?


Phlytire then chimes in:

Mr. Tinsky:


I have been lurking here reading the group for quite a while, but your post

forces me to de-lurk and tell you that you are one sorry human being.

To post on a public forum about your illegal fishing activities with

apparent relish is, to me, repugnant.

You, sir, are morally bankrupt.

With a 100% mortality rate if caught, these fish have no chance to survive

as a species if idiots like you do not obey this countries conservation



You and your friend Warren should lose your hunting and fishing privileges

for life, if not longer.

People like you disgust me.

If any one here knows this idiot, Mark Tinsky, and where he lives, they

should call 1-800 TIP-MONT and turn the son of a bitch in.

We don't need people like him on our streams. Or in Yellowstone Park's




The doubting begins in earnest:


Took me a post or two to realize that the geyser guides led us on a wild

goose chase.


And more of the same:


Yeah, had me going for a minute. Actually pretty funny - all the more so

after Phlytire's tirade. Thanks for the fun Mark.



And worse ! :

Ditto. Mark is a joker with a very dry sense of humor.



I respond to phyltire:


Dear "Mr." Phlytire

What kind of acromim is that anyway. Anyone with an ounce of

brains knows there s no "ph" in fly. Or are you a phlyfisherman who

catches phish. Tho I m sure someone as stupid as yourself could

not catch anything more difficult than a Gefilter fish.


I bet you re the kind of jerk who drives around with a camera

and a cell phone in his car to report people to the cops, if

you think they re violating your precious law. Your true calling

in life if you had lived in russia would have been as a KBG stooge.

You damn commie.!!

Take you Tip MONT # and shove it up your ass, I will fish for

what I like and when I like. and the only time I ll stop is when

they pry my cold, dead hands from my phlyrod.

Up yours cordially,



Grateful responses: But they really dont believe at all :


oh god...thank you...i can now go to sleep with a smile. very, very

phine, phunny work mark...




Ya's getting so you don't know who is hooking who here...


/daytripper (Only thing *I* know is I didn't fall for any of it...I think! ;-)



Warren chimes in:

> If any one here knows this idiot, Mark Tinsky, and where he lives, they

> should call 1-800 TIP-MONT and turn the son of a bitch in.


Helena. Do you want his address and phone number so you can report him?

Your tip may help bring an outlaw to justice and maybe even make the police



I can just picture it now:


"Felony Stupid


A man called 1-800-TIP-MONT to report a fisherman (or is that physerman or

even fissureman????) for catching the elusive and endangered Geyser Fish.

Deputies were notified once FWP employees were able to regain their

composure. The deputies investigated and called in scientific experts to

identify steam burns on various pieces of fishing equipment. Results were

inconclusive and require further testing. Officials are refering the case

to the District Attorneys office and may seek to have charges filed against

the reporting party for the offense stupidity. Due to the severity of the

incident, this could be prosecuted as a felony charge."



Well for the Nattering Nabobs of Negatism Here s Photographic Proof of the Reality of Geyser Fishing:

The first shot is when I m getting started looking for the right spot :






Geyser Fishing has it s Dangers

A poor fisherman meets a foul fate: