Expedient Man Does Lunch


I think there s been an awful lot of Hoo Haa over the last couple

millennia about cooking. Think how many hundreds of thousands of

recipes that have been handed down thru oral tradition or copied

onto animal skins or later vellum , parchment, and finally cook

books. There is so much info out there written but either experts

or knowledgeable amateurs.


SO this will be a complete departure from the above as I know

absolutely nothing about cooking or food preparation and feel I can

possibly bring a new perspective to this old and jaded field. I

think one thing most people in the cooking field overlook is that

people are hungry and they really don't like waiting around for "fancy

dancy " meals and would just rather eat what s readily available. I

know this from my very own experience. For this reason I m ready to

reveal, go public, as they say, with my new , soon to be published, (

TM) Expedient s Mans Meals. I will publish a few of these meals as "

teasers" so when I have my book ready and your interests piqued I can

really cash in.


First Expedients Man s Lunch: The Cheese and tomato sandwich


Whilst, I admit this is a rather complicated meal to begin with and

is not exactly expedient, I think Expediency has to be balanced with

Practicality and Frugality. It turns out I had some sliced Swiss

cheese left over from having company last week as well as an old

tomato. So in this case the Frugality Principal overcomes Expediency in

this particular instance as the tomatoe and the cheese were getting

moldy and have to be tossed within the week or so ....


First maneuver: Check watch for exact time. Second take out all the

necessary ingredients out of the fridge in one shot. This includes Mayo,

bag of sliced cheese, moldy tomato, bag of prewashed spinach. Half

an apple from the other day growing soft and brown around the edges

because plastic bag not being very handy. Tho have heard apples good

for the teeth so eat anyway.


2 cd. Put two pieces of bread in toaster. Timing is critical so

this must be done next. As toast will take 2 mins you ve got a little

breather now. Slice tomatoe, decide how much mold is acceptable. Put

slices on a clean spot on the counter, take 4 slices of Swiss put on

plate you cut tomatoe on and nuke for 35 seconds.


While these are cooking: Pour OJ and put in a glass and place near

newspaper that will be read while eating. Get toast out of toaster. Take

very melted bubbling cheese and spread onto toast. Thereby

simulating " a real grilled Cheese sand"

Add tomatoe slices a few leaves of spinach, put some Mayo on unused

piece of toast. Slice and put next to OJ and newspaper.

Put the things quickly away except the remains of the tomatoe which

you have decided has had it s day.


Total time elapsed 4 mins and 7 seconds. One knife, one plate, and

one glass are dirty. The sandwich was more than edible and even tho

this was a rather complex meal I think using The (TM) Expedient

Man s cooking Principals it was manageable.