A Historical and Pictor1al Guide To American Christmas Pipes



1985 marked the largest production year yet, 36 pipes. Curt designed and made the pipe. We even custom designed a stem for the pipe which we ordered from Italy earlier in the year. A tall bent bulldog, it was a unique shape that sold its entire production run easily. John's store was beginning to get wider customer recognition and our own sales in the shop were spiraling. We were confident enough to raise our prices and the pipe pictured below, from John's collection sold for $125. This was the last year of vulcanite and lucite stem production for us, note the star without the ring. The next year we changed the logo to the now familiar star circled by a briar ring. I have never seen one of these pipes turn up for trade or sale at a pipe show. It would be quite a coup finding one.


The 1986 Christmas Pipe was not a real successful shape. I think Curt and John designed it. We were looking for something unique. Turns out we made a heavy, unbalanced pipe that did not sell briskly. we did learn form this lesson in the coming years.

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