A Historical and Pictorial Guide To American Christmas Pipes

The original proto type for the 1995 Christmas Pipe was made by Curt years before for Phil, an employee and pipe collector at John's store. It's a gorgeous bent poker. I had been enamored with the shape since its making and urged it be considered as this years pipe. When John came to the shop to work on design he had it with him. We kept pretty much the same dimensions of the pipe, just scaled down the width of the bowl. I saw the pipe this year in the hands of one of John's customers, Richard who purchased it from Phil.

The pipe was quite successful. We sold almost all of the 80 that were made.


This is one of my favorite shapes. I m partial to Apples and I have two of these that are both excellent smokers. This was this first Christmas shape that was sold over the Internet as well as at John B Hayes Tobacconist. This is pictured in the Natural finish:



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