A Historical and Pictorial Guide To American Christmas Pipes


The Banner Years!

The 1987 shape was the most successful selling Christmas Pipe of all time. It was one of the most difficult to make and was taken from a design Curt had made for John during the past year. We changed the shank from an oval to a round taper. This was one of the first collaborative undertakings as far as pipe making for Curt and I. I did the lathing of the top of the pipe and the drilling and Curt performed the final shaping. Up until then we each made our own pipes start to finish. Also a first was that it was nationally advertised in PCI magazine. As we had previously done a PCI club pipe that year we were able to sell quite a few through the magazine. All told we made close to 150 pipes ranging from $75 to $300. I think the pipe speaks for itself. AS we promised never to make it again we fudged somewhat and used the general shape in our Catalog shape 005 called the Caldron.

Following up on our success with the 1987 Christmas pipe came the '88. It was a simple billiard, the first straight in the series with a paneled diamonesque shank. Maybe it was just the times , who knows, I thought the "Perfect Billiard" we did a few years later to be a better shape but this one sold a lot better. I think we sold over 100 of these.

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