A Historical and Pictorial Guide To American Christmas Pipes

The years 1997-2000 marked a difference in the manner that the Christmas pipes were sold. Up until then John Hayes was responsible for their marketing.As I became less dependent on retailers I was able to sell a majority of them myself. Also, I bean experimenting with different finishes during this period. The 97 pipe is a canted 1/4 bent billiard. I have two, one a tansblast and the other a walnut. Both are great smokers and the shape went over well:

The 98 Christmas pipe is a graceful, 1/4 bent Dublin with a curved oval shank. I have a tanblast which smokes well and is quite comfortable. There were probably 80 made. As of this writing I have one left in what is now a cabernet finish:

The 99 Christmas pipe is a Bulldog with maybe a 1/8 th bend. The pipe was smaller than most of the Christmas pipes previously and sold well. I think I made about 100 that year:

The 2000 Christmas pipe was one of the most successful ever, rivalling the 87 for sales. It s a 1/4 bent Rhodesian size 4 1/2. I ve made close to 150 of them by now. I have a few left on the web catalog but when they re gone John B Hayes Tobacconist would have to be contacted for any remaining. The briar was running real well for this shape and a 5 star straight grain was discovered as well as numerous 3 and 4 star pipes. Pictured here is a 3 star in the Pristine finish:

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