A Historical and Pictorial Guide To American Christmas Pipes


The 1993 Christmas Pipe was my concept. I wanted to make the "Perfect Billiard". A billiard while being the most common of pipe shapes has a variety of subtle detail. There have been many successful billiards made over the years. John and I selected a few of our favorites, the Dunhill LB, a Barling, and a Ser Jacapo, and quantified the best features of each pipe into our own. We noticed that the Barling had a slightly ovalled shank which made the transition from shank to bowl very sharp and defined. A nice touch. We like the slightly taller nature of the Jacapo and the graceful round curves of the LB. Put it all together and walla, The Perfect Billiard! Well. I thought it was a great shape and I still do. However, it was a commercial flop. Not as bad as the 1990 but nothing could ever be that bad. We still have quite a few left at all ends of the price spectrum. I guess I set my sites too high, you'll have to decide for yourself!

The 1994 Christmas Pipe design was solely by John Hayes! To be honest I didn't like it at first, though it did sell very well and was quite well received. It's an apple bowl with a lovat shank, slightly bent. The shank flares into the bowl in a smooth gradual transition. This generally goes against my grain, as I like sharp defined transitions between the bowl and shank and have generally thought of the latter method as sloppy pipe making. Well, I admit to being wrong. The pipe was quite graceful and a good smoker. I think I made over 80 pipes ranging from $85 in the sandblast finish to $300. in a natural straight grain. A few of the high end pipes are still available.


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