A Historical and Pictorial Guide To American Christmas Pipes


The 1991 Christmas Pipe was in a sense a no brainer design wise. We simply took a shape Curt had come up with in 1990 and we advertised as one of our catalog shapes. Those of you familiar with these shapes will recognize it as an 001B. It's a very light pipe that really shows off grain and there was no debate as to its acceptability as in previous years which saw us pouring through catalogs and pipe shapes in search of a unique and widely acceptable design. It was one of the few shapes that was completely sold out within months after Christmas. It is no longer available with the Christmas Pipe stampings but can be purchased as an 001B.


When John came up to the shop in the summer of 1991 he more or less had the Christmas Shape with him. It was a pipe we had made as a unique shape previously that one of his customers had liked and suggested as a Christmas Pipe. I wasn't so sure. I didn't think its appeal would be universal enough. Also it was a fairly large pipe and not that easy to make. I think I argued for another design but in the end gave in. The entire shape run of 90 pipes sold rather briskly proving I 'm better at making pipes than marketing them!

 The 1992 Christmas Pipe I honestly don't remember much about. Sadly, a recession had just begun and  pipes sales plummeted. For a couple years after I mostly did pipe repair and made some freehands for EA Carey untill things picked up again a few years later. Here s the 92 from the collection of Robin Adair:


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